Noctua Moves Beyond PC Fans To Help Home Users And Gamers Beat The Heat

noctua announces home line of fan products
Are you a stinky gamer in need of cooling this summer? Perhaps instead you're a tinkerer or DIYer that simply needs some spare fans around the house. Regardless of the situation, with hot temperatures fast approaching for the northern hemisphere, PC cooling brand Noctua has you covered. In an announcement today, the company is launching its HOME product line intended for home, office, and multipurpose ventilation.

The new Noctua HOME line includes two ready-to-use fan sets and nine modular accessories that can be used to adapt a Noctua fan to any situation. One of the fan sets, the NV-FS1, is a pivoting mount for 120 and 140-mm fans that could be used as a stand or could be mounted to just about anything you please. The other, the NV-FS2, is a fan paired with a multipurpose gasket which is designed for use atop “A/V receivers, DVRs, video game consoles, stereo equipment, routers, switches, set-top-boxes or other devices that have ventilation holes on top.”

In short, this lineup is a new way to use Noctua’s award-winning fans for a wide variety of purposes. Noctua CEO Roland Mossig explains: “Industrial clients, as well as tech-savvy DIYers, have already been using our fans for applications beyond the PC cooling space for many years.” What's neat is that you don't have to go with any of the sets to get the differing parts, either. You can easily mix and match components like the NV-AA1-12 airflow amplifier to make whatever your cooling project is work for you.

Despite how 'cool' this launch may seem, these fan kits are a bit pricey when all is said and done. The NV-FS1 kit costs $99.90, and the FS2 will run you $79.90, but the fan that ships with both kits is roughly $32, so there is quite a bit of overhead there. That said, these still could prove to be incredibly useful and a way to support a brand you like, as you’d only likely need to buy a kit once rather than 3D printing it and breaking it repeatedly on accident. Noctua is a brand known for its exceptional quality, so this is an investment into cooling, comfort, and performance depending on your application.
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