No Nobel Possibilities With Google's PowerPoint

If you don't live under a rock, you've seen a PowerPoint presentation. Al Gore won an Oscar and a Nobel for what is essentially a PowerPoint presentation, although since he sits on the board of Apple he must use Keynote. But a series of slides designed to drive home the points of a speaker in a meeting is as common a computer utility as you can find.  And Microsoft's PowerPoint is so dominant that it's become the defacto name of the idea.  Google's bag of web-hosted applications, called Google Docs, is designed to compete with Microsoft Office Suite.  Can you bore an audience properly with Google Docs version of PowerPoint? Slate says: no.

One of PowerPoint's basic, indispensable features is the ability to draw circles and arrows over your words, and to create diagrams and pictures on slides. Google lets you upload images into slides and put basic text on an image—you can make LOLcats—but you can't tinker with the images and you can't draw on your slide. People who hate PowerPoint like to laugh at its clip-art icons and geometric shapes. Try doing your preso without them. Words, words, words—I promise you no one will remember them.

HotHardware cannot advise that you make LOLcats and show them at your stockholder meetings. I Can Haz Pinkslyp?