No More "All You Can Eat" Broadband for TWC?

It's well-known that Comcast has hidden bandwidth caps.  How would you feel about a publicized hard cap?

Time Warner Cable may be exploring the possibility of implementing overage charges for its RoadRunner cable broadband service. According to excerpts from a leaked internal memo posted to our forums, the company will be testing a usage-based system in the Beaumont, Texas market. The system is aimed at gaining additional revenue from "5% of subscribers who utilize over half of the total network bandwidth." The trial will determine whether it's practical to deploy such a system nationally.

The memo claims new customers in the Beaumont market will be placed on metered billing plans where overage charges will apply. Those customers will be given a special website allowing users to track their bandwidth consumption and upgrade to faster tiers if they consistently use more bandwidth than allowed for their tier. Existing customers will be able to track consumption, but will remain on flat-rate billing.

Something like this might drive customers to ISPs that do not have limits.  On the other hand, how would you readers feel about this vs. hidden limits and P2P throttling?

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