No Man's Sky Beyond Adds Sprawling Online Multiplayer Component, Coming This Summer

No Man’s Sky is about to receive a major update. Developer Hello Games recently announced that their next update will include No Man’s Sky Online, an online multiplayer experience. This new multiplayer component will be part of No Man’s Sky’s fifth major update.

Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray remarked that No Man’s Sky Online will provide “a radical new social and multiplayer experience which empowers players everywhere in the universe to meet and play together.” However, Murray emphasized that No Man’s Sky Online is not a MMO. He noted that the update will be free to all existing players and will not include subscriptions or microtransactions.

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Image from HelloGamesTube

It is rather unclear how No Man’s Sky Online will differ from the game’s last update. Hello Games fourth update No Man’s Sky: Next added multiplayer support for up to sixteen players. However, this feature is limited. Gamers can technically only join parties of four. There is also no way to communicate with players inside of the game. Perhaps the next update will add multiplayer essentials like messaging, friend’s lists, and larger parties.

No Man’s Sky Online is one component of a three-pronged update dubbed No Man’s Sky: Beyond. We currently know very little about this update. Murray promised that “these changes are an answer to how we have seen people playing since the release of Next.” He also noted that more details would be revealed “when we know we can be precise”.

no mans sky beyond

No Man’s Sky experienced a rather rocky start when it was initially released in 2016. The game was riddled with bugs and many players felt that the graphics were lacking. Players also complained that several of the features that had been highlighted by advertisements were missing from the final game. Multiplayer and PvP modes were the most noticeable omissions.

Hello Games developers have contended that players wrongly expected too much from the game, but they have released a number of updates that have addressed the concerns of players. Murray argued that each subsequent update has brought “enjoyment to millions of new players”. It remains to be seen how No Man’s Sky: Beyond will affect the game’s rather mixed legacy.