No Longer TITAN or Bust: EVGA Outs 6GB GeForce GTX 780 Models

Gamers who've wanted to build a very high-end PC this past year with NVIDIA graphics cards have had to face a bit of a dilemma: Opt for the high-performing GeForce GTX 780 (or Ti) and risk the chance of 3GB being too restrictive down the road, or splurge hundreds of dollars more in order to negate that possibility with the 6GB TITAN. Note that the original TITAN was not that much faster than a GTX 780, yet it cost nearly as much as two 780s put together. Again, not a great situation to be in as a high-end gamer.

Well, leave it to EVGA to come to the rescue - albeit a tad late (TITAN came out last February, and the 780, last May). With its just-announced GTX 780s with 6GB of GDDR5, gamers running 4K displays, multi-monitor setups, or even single-display setups with unique needs now have a very attractive new choice.

The best part might be the price: The 6GB models start at $549, which at this point in time is a $30 premium over the 3GB reference model. Like the 3GB models, EVGA will be offering a number of variants of the 6GB cards, including the Superclocked model seen above, which sports an ACX cooler.

Features-wise, there's nothing new here aside from the larger framebuffer, and while that might seem a bit boring, it's not going to be for those in need of such a card. Given its small price premium over the 3GB models, these 6GB ones are seriously intriguing.