No Longer Lost In Translation

Tascam, the king of inexpensive multitrack recording, is out this month with a nifty CD player, the CD-VT2, that will either play music tracks as recorded, or allow you to strip out the vocals and sing along with the backing tracks.

The idea behind the product is based on vocal/instrument training, and being able to do it with any CD that you have. The boxy-styled player has a simple-yet-useful  grraphic interface, and allows you to not only remove the voice of your favorite artist so you can be the star, it also allows you to change the pitch, enabling you to hit those notes that you never could before, and the speed or rhythm of the song, making any love song go by quicker.

Tascam makes a whole series of nifty gadgets for learning any instrument or vocals, allowing you to slow down the song without changing the key of the song, or allowing you to change the key of the song to suit your vocal range or the tuning of your instuments without changing the tempo. About $150.00