No Date for Valentine’s Day? Tinder Has an App for You

Listen up lovers, Valentine's Day is just around the corner. That means you're running out of time to make reservations at that swank bistro down the block and/or pick up a romantic gift for that lady or fellow in your life -- unless you're single. If that's case, all that goes out the window, though don't despair, we can think of at least two alternatives.

The first is to fly solo or have a guys night out watching the new Die Hard movie (A Good Day to Die Hard) that comes out on February 14th. Given that Bruce Willis is now 57 years old, this might be the last Die Hard flick he ever appears in.

Another alternative is to get struck by Cupid's arrow within the next few days, and if you want to be proactive about it, check out the Tinder app in iTunes. Described as "a fun way to break the ice," Tinder helps connect you with local singles where there's a mutual interest/attraction.


"Tinder finds out who likes you nearby, and connects you with them if you're also interested," Tinder explains. "It's all anonymous until someone you like, likes you back."

Tinder taps into your Facebook profile to gather pictures and information about your interests, but promises never to post anything to your feed. You then swipe through photos of other nearby Tinder singles, marking the ones you have an interest in. If they have an interest in you as well, Tinder will connect you two. If not, no one will ever be the wiser.

The app is only available for iOS, though an Android version is reportedly in the works.