No Cloud Necessary: iStick USB Flash Drive With Integrated Lightning Connector Lets Users Transfer Files To iDevices

Apple has worked hard to deliver synchronized data across all of your iDevices with iCloud, but for those who aren’t so keen on trusting the cloud with their data, there’s a device coming called the iStick that allows you to transfer files locally. Yes, it’s a USB flash drive (nothing interesting there)--however, it also has an integrated Lightning connector (ah, there we go).


HYPER (by Sanho), the company behind the iStick, says that it’s currently the only USB flash drive with Apple’s proprietary connector, and it works with iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch devices.

Available in capacities of 8GB ($129), 16GB ($169), 32GB ($199), 64GB ($299), and 128GB ($399), and now that the company’s Kickstarter campaign is wrapping up, the iStick should be available in August. HYPER was looking for $100,000 but eventually cleared a million.

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