No AMD K8L CPU's Until 2008

Digitimes reports that their industry sources have indicated that consumers will not see AMD's upcoming K8L CPU's until 2008. Equipped with memory controllers for both DDR2 and DDR3, the K8L CPU's will be supported on both Socket AM2 and Socket AM3 platforms. With Intel's Core 2 Duo (Conroe) processor about to launch, it appears as though AMD will be fighting for market share using pricing and the enthusiast-aimed 4x4 platform. Time will tell whether AMD will be able to fend off Intel's latest efforts to recapture the performance crown in gaming or if the company will be counting down the days until 2008.

"In addition to the Athlon 64 X2, the production of AMD dual-core Athlon 64FX and single-core Sempron CPUs will also migrate to the 65nm node in 2007, the sources stated, noting that the 65nm Sempron will be upgraded to support DDR2 800 instead of DDR2 667. Prior to the launch of the Socket-AM2 CPUs, AMD intends to begin terminating orders for its non-Socket-AM2 processors - Socket-939 dual-core Athlon FX/X2 (codenamed Toledo), Socket-939 single-core Athlon 64 in the 1MB L2 version (codenamed San Diego), Socket-939 single-core Athlon 64 in the 512KB L2 version and the entry-level Socket-754 Sempron (codenamed Palermo) - by the end of 2006."


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