Nissan Debuts IMs Concept EV Sedan With 380-Mile Range To Ruffle Tesla's Feathers

nissan ims ev 5
When it comes to modern electric vehicles, Tesla has become synonymous with advancing the genre. The company really caught a lot of attention with its Model S and has lit up the sales charts with its more mainstream Model 3. Now, Nissan is looking past its own econobox Leaf EV so push forward with the IMs concept. 

The IMs features a brand-new car platform that was designed from the ground-up to be used for EVs. It is a mid-size sedan that at 190 inches in length is about 5 inches longer than a Model 3, but roughly 8 inches shorter than the Model S. It rides on a relatively long 114-inch wheelbase, which leaves plenty of room between the wheels to accommodate a large battery pack.

nissan ims ev 6

In fact, Nissan says that the vehicle has a 115-kWh battery that will give an estimated range of 380 miles. For comparison, the longest-range Model S can travel 335 miles (EPA rated) with its 100-kWh battery pack. Given that the IMs is still a concept, Nissan can throw around whatever numbers it feels like at this time, but we'll be eager to see how closely the company is able to adhere to that stated range with a production model.

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As for its drive configuration, Nissan says that the IMs has dual motors (like the Model S), with one at each axle. This effectively gives it all wheel drive for enhanced traction and off-the-line performance. The two motors generate a combined 483 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque.

On the inside, the IMs is forward-looking with numerous LCD panels on the dashboard and an open cockpit design. The company is also touting what it calls a "Premier" seat, which it describes thusly:

Dominating the rear space is the innovative "Premier Seat," an oversized center seat that emerges from the three-across rear seat when the slim outboard positions are folded. The delta-shaped seating pattern is also ideal from the standpoint of executive travel, enabling the occupant to maximize time efficiency while moving, for example, from the office to a private jet.

It looks interesting (you can see the seat in operation in the video embedded above), but we doubt that such a feature would make it to a production vehicle – especially one branded as a Nissan.

nissan ims ev 3

The IMs comes with an entire suite of driver assist features and is of course fully autonomous. Nissan didn't make any announcements about eventual production availably for the IMs, but it's highly likely that we could see production vehicles using its design language and powertrain configuration at the start of the next decade.