Nissan Boss Vows To Have Self-Driving Cars Road Ready By 2020

The automobile industry is changing right before our very eyes. We have companies like Chevrolet building insanely powerful modern-day muscle cars; Ford and others getting fancy with newfangled technology integrations; Tesla pushing new and used sales of electric vehicles; and of course companies like Google ready to hit the road with self-driving cars. Take your pick on which is the most interesting, but if you ask Nissan, the company might tell you that autonomous technology is where it's at.

More than just a passing interest from the sidelines, Nissan's Chief Executive Office Carlo Ghosn indicated today that his company will have autonomous cars ready for the road by 2020, according to the Associated Press. Whether or not you'll be able to own and drive one, well, that will be up to government officials to decide.

Nissan Steering Wheel

Even if self-driving cars are still met with skepticism a few years down the line, Ghosn believes autonomous driving is where the industry is headed. He sees younger drivers embracing the concept, along with the aforementioned technologies like connected vehicles and electric vehicles that are more environmentally friendly than today's gas guzzlers.

As for right now, Nissan is taking a "cautious" approach to new technologies with the understanding that today's "consumer is more conservative." With that in mind, Nissan isn't aiming for a fleet of cars that will do all the work for drivers. Instead, he envisions autonomous vehicles assisting the driver.