Nintendo's Latest Zelda: Breath Of The Wild DLC Gives Link A Rockin' Motorcycle

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Nintendo surprised everyone over the night by releasing the second major DLC expansion for the incredibly popular Switch and Wii:U game: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The DLC, called The Champions' Ballad, is now available to Breath of the Wild gamers that have purchased the $20 Expansion Pass.

As expected, gamers will still control Link in this latest adventure, but there will also be other characters profiled including Gerudo champion Urbosa, Goron champion Daruk, Rito champion Revali, and Zora champion Mipha. As an added bonus, Nintendo has indicated that it will release Amiibo for each of the champions.

The Champions' Ballad serves to provide some backstory to the events that took place 100 years before the start of the main game. But perhaps that most exciting part of The Champions' Ballad is that Link will gain access to a kickass motorcycle, which is aptly named the Master Cycle Zero and can be unlocked after completion of the Divine Beast Tamer’s trials.

Breath of The Wild has proven to be one of the best-reviewed video games of 2017 (it's sitting at 97 percent on Metacritic) and is a must-have purchase for Nintendo Switch owners. Last night, it claimed The Game Awards’ Game of the Year crown, and also took hop top honors for Best Action Adventure Game and Best Direction.

The Champions' Ballad joins the first DLC that was released for Breath of the Wild, The Master Trials, which was released back in late June. If you haven’t already purchased the Expansion Pass, you can still do so and gain access to both The Champions’ Ballad and The Master Trials.