Nintendo Wii Picks Up Netflix Streaming: Coming In Spring 2010

Man, this took long enough, did it not? After literally years of rumoring, Nintendo's Wii is finally going to stream Netflix movies. The Wii joins the PS3 and Xbox 360, both of which have been able to tune into Netflix Watch Instantly queues for months upon months now, and while it may be last, we get the idea that it'll be the most talked about. Why? Because hordes of consumers have a Wii, and generally speaking, that console is the most "mainstream" of the three.

A breaking report has found that starting in the Spring, Nintendo's console will be able to instantly view Netflix on-demand titles, and all that will be required from Wii owners is a $9/month Netflix subscription. Oh, and a special instant streaming disc, which is exactly what is required for PS3 owners hoping to accomplish the same goal. Exact details beyond that haven't been disclosed, but this move definitely works towards the goal set by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings to get his service into as many devices as possible.

Can we really say "goodnight" to Blockbuster yet? Seems that the only other legitimate competition out is Redbox...or are we crazy?
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