Nintendo Teases New Interactive Experience For Switch Gamers

Nintendo getting ready to reveal some kind of "new interactive experience" on its hugely popular Switch console, one that is "specially crafted for kids and those who are kids at heart," the company announced on its UK site. What exactly does that mean? Your guess is as good as ours. All will be made clear tonight at 10:00 PM UK time (GMT)—that's 5:00 PM Eastern if you live in the United States, and 2:00 PM Pacific.

Nintendo Switch
Image Source: Flickr via Alex Holyoake

Unfortunately we highly doubt the big announcement has anything to do with Netflix being made available on the Switch, since Nintendo is playing up the kid angle. And you can safely eliminate official support for Yuzi's recently announced emulator (Nintendo is not a fan of emulators and ROMs, not in the slightest). But perhaps Nintendo will unveil an accessory of some sort, maybe a virtual reality product?

All we can do is speculate. What we do know is that the Switch is crazy popular, and that Nintendo wants to keep the momentum going into the console's second year. As it stands, the Switch is the fastest selling game console in US history—Nintendo sold more than 4.8 million Switch units in the US alone during its first 10 months on the market.

Nintendo Switch Announcement

"Fans across the country have experienced the joy of playing their favorite games at home or on the go," said Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America’s President and COO. "Now that many more people have received Nintendo Switch systems for the holidays, we look forward to bringing them fun new surprises in 2018 and beyond."

Whatever those "fun new surprises" might be, they are all part of a plan to maintain interest in the Switch. Nintendo has said it hopes to sell more than 20 million Switch consoles in the next fiscal year, which runs through March 2019. For its current fiscal year that ends March 2018, Nintendo hopes to tally 14 million unit sales.