Nintendo Expects To Sell 20 Million Switch Game Consoles During FY 2018

Nintendo had a big 2017 thanks to the Switch game console, and the company has a much bigger 2018 planned. The company has announced that it plans to sell over 20 million Switch consoles in the next fiscal year. That might sound like a lofty number, considering that Nintendo sold 10 million consoles in the first 9 months it was available. Supply was also heavily constrained during most of that nine-month period.

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Nintendo still has a way to go to ensure plenty of supply for the Switch moving forward. The comment on selling over 20 million consoles came from Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima in an interview with a Japanese paper Kyoto Shimbun.

The fiscal year will run through March of 2019. Nintendo still has big goals for the current fiscal year with a goal of selling 14 million units through March 2018. While the Switch is still the new kid on the block, Nintendo wants to be on the ball and Kimishima says that Nintendo is already “starting to think” about its next generation console. The executive also notes that holiday sales have been in line with expectations.