Some Nintendo Switch Users Are Complaining Of Case Warping In Docked Mode

Nintendo Switch Box

Retail stores can't restock shelves with Nintendo Switch consoles fast enough to satiate demand, and that may not change throughout all of 2017. Be that as it may, there are some issues plaguing the system. The newest complaint is that the Switch has a tendency to bend and warp when docked. In most cases, users who are experiencing the issue say it's a small bend, though that's not always the case.

A user on Reddit posted a photo of his warped Switch console and there is a noticeable bend. it's reminiscent of the problem some users faced with Apple's original iPhone 6 Plus phones. Have a look:

Bent Nintendo Switch
Image Source: Reddit (_NSR)

Several users on NeoGAF have also noticed a bend in their Switch consoles, and those too resulted from having the unit docked when playing in front of a big screen TV. Initially it was though it might be an optical illusion since the Switch is slightly thicker in the middle, but it doesn't appear that is the case. The bends can be confirmed by laying the console on a flat surface and observing a slight gap, or by placing a ruler on top.

"Mine was bent pretty badly. but I flexed it back without any issues after that," one user said.

"Neon Switch here. It's bent and the left Joy Con is looser than the right. I don't have a ruler handy so I used the side of a cereal box.  I'm just going to deal with the bend because I got it for $30 under retail, but it does bug me," another user posted.

There is some debate as to whether users with bent consoles should go through the trouble of creating an RMA with Nintendo. Some users feel it's probably not worth the hassle, especially if the bend is barely perceptible, while others point out that a bend in the console could mean damage to the hardware inside.

This is not the only issue facing the Switch. Other users have complained of problems getting the Joy-Con controllers to connect properly, an issue that Nintendo appears to have fixed. It was also discovered that Nintendo will not warranty Switch consoles with a few dead pixels, as its policy states that dead or stuck pixels are a normal part of LCDs.

If you own a Switch console, have you experienced any issues with it? Sound off in the comments section below!