Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 Bundle With Neon Pink And Green Joy-Cons Snubs U.S. Gamers

splatoon 2 console
The Nintendo Switch has been a bonafide sales hit across the globe, and has allowed the Japanese gaming giant to put a little more swagger in its step. Sales of the console have been so strong, in fact, that the Nintendo Switch topped both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 (the usual home console sales champ) during the month of April in the United States.

Nintendo is hoping to continue fueling its sales success by bundling two of its hottest properties: the Switch and Splatoon 2. The original Splatoon was a surprise hit for the Wii U when it splashed on the scene in 2015, and Nintendo is looking to get all inked again with Splatoon 2, which launches on July 21st.

splatoon 2 joy con

The new Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 Bundle will also be available on July 21st, and not only includes the highly anticipated game, but also some appropriately-themed Joy-Con controllers which come in neon pink and green. Nintendo will also separately sell a matching neon pink and green Pro Controller and Splatoon 2-themed Switch carrying case if you want to go all out in your inky madness.

The Splatoon 2 Joy-Con controllers will also be sold separately, and we have the feeling that they’ll be a hot item that won’t stay in stock long. Take for example the standard grey Joy-Cons — you can easily find them in stock around the web for the regular MSRP of $79.99. The Neon Red and Blue Joy-Cons, however, are always out of stock, and third-party sellers are routinely selling the pair for $100 or more. A similar fate will probably await the Splatoon 2 controllers.

splatoon 2 console pro controller

Besides the inevitable price gouging that will likely take place with the Splatoon 2 bundle and its accessories, we have one other bit of bad news to tell you about the upcoming releases: the hardware (at least initially) won’t be available in the United States. Despite the hot-seller status that the Switch has achieved here, Nintendo has only announced that it will introduce this new gear in Europe and Japan.