Nintendo Switch Tackles Mario And Zelda Gaming With 6.2-inch 720p Multi-Touch Display

Whether or not the Nintendo Switch goes down in history as a successful console launch or a flop is predicated on how interested gamers are in gaming on the go. As we learned, the Nintendo Switch's defining characteristic is that it can be uprooted from the living room and act as a mobile console. But in making that pitch, Nintendo was curiously silent about the touchscreen display. That's okay because additional information about the Nintendo Switch's screen since its official unveiling last week is starting to leak to the web.

Assuming the latest leaks are correct—and they come from sources who apparently coughed up accurate details about the Nintendo Switch's overall design and detachable controllers as far back as July—the console will sport a 6.2-inch display with a 720p resolution. It will also be the first time that a Nintendo device uses a capacitive multitouch panel.

Nintendo Switch

Whereas the 3DS and Wii U both used resistive, single-touch displays, the capacitive display on the Nintendo Switch is said to feature 10-point multitouch. The implication there is that it will support gestures, which could be great for gaming—a pinch-to-zoom gesture could come in handy in RTS titles with sprawling maps, to name one possible usage scenario.

It is curious that Nintendo kind of glossed over the display, particularly since its three-minute ad spot spends the bulk of the time promoting gameplay on the go and watching the videos while in transit. It could be that Nintendo didn't want people to think that the Nintendo Switch is a glorified tablet, or perhaps there's a world of functionality that will take more than three minutes to demonstrate.

In any event, there remain questions about the display, the biggest one being how the touchscreen will work when docked. We suspect Nintendo will provide some clarification and additional info in January during a livestream event in which it will reveal pricing and launch details.