Grab The New Nintendo Switch Lite For Just $169 With This Red Hot Deal

The Nintendo Switch Lite was just released this past Friday, and it's already a pretty nice bargain compared to the original Switch. The original Nintendo Switch is priced at $299, while its "Lite" counterpart comes in at only $199.

Nintendo Switch Lite

However, a new deal today over at Rakuten (via seller GamerCandy) has the console for $199 -- its regular price -- but you can add the coupon code "SAVE15" at checkout to take 15 percent off the price. That brings your total down to $169 with free shipping and no tax (depending on what state you live in).

The new Nintendo Switch Lite has a 5.5-inch display compared to 6.2 inches on its bigger brother and it weighs in at just 0.61 pounds. It's smaller in every dimension, and its controllers do not detach (which makes playing games like ARMS impossible without purchasing a separate set of Joy-Cons). 

Another omission is built-in rumble support; there's no kickstand; and you can't dock the Nintendo Switch Lite to a TV. However, we can't argue with the more robust build of the console (which is especially nice for ham-fisted kids) and the new left-mounted cross-type directional controller. And Nintendo says that the console will last 3 to 7 hours per charge depending on the game you’re playing (we’d imagine that something like Zelda: Breath of the Wild would chew through the battery very quickly).

Nintendo Switch Lite

You can get the console for $169 in one of three colors by clicking the following links:

We don’t know how long this deal is supposed to last, but we’d suggest that you act sooner rather than later. It’s not likely that we’ll see prices hit this low again until around Black Friday time later this year.