Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Keyboard Attachment Brings Full QWERTY To The Console

Typing can be rather inconvenient with the Nintendo Switch, however, Cyber Gadget has a solution to this annoying problem. The company plans to release a keyboard attachment that connects directly to the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers.

The Joy-Con controllers snap into place on either side of the keyboard. The keyboard is also compatible with the Playstation 4 and PCs. It was particularly designed for upcoming games like Dragon Quest X. It does not charge the Joy-Con controllers, however, that is a small price to pay for a decent sized Nintendo Switch-compatible keyboard.

nintendo switch cyber gadget keyboard 1

Image from: Amazon Japan

This is not the first keyboard designed for the Nintendo Switch. Hori, a Japanese gaming hardware and accessories company, released a licensed keyboard that connected to the Switch via USB. Hori’s keyboard was not popular, mostly because it did not incorporate the Joy-Con controllers. Hori has also released a number of Nintendo Switch-licensed accessories including 16GB and 32GB Nintendo Switch microSD cards for between $16 and $30, as well as a car charger for $18.

Cyber Gadget’s Nintendo Switch keyboard will be available in Japan on September 30th for 3,578 yen or roughly $30 USD. There is no North American release date yet, however interested customers would be wise to keep an eye out on

Colorware just released Joy-Con remotes that resemble the original black and grey NES controllers. Like Nintendo's regular Joy-Con controllers, each one can be used separately or attached to the main console and contain the same accelerometers, gyro sensors, and button layout. The Colorware controllers are also accompanied by a hefty price tag. A set of controllers cost $199 USD, almost $120 more than regular Switch controllers.