Bought A Nintendo Switch Recently? Here’s How To Get The New Upgraded Model Free

Nintendo Switch
You might be kicking yourself for having recently purchased a Nintendo Switch console, only to find out Nintendo is now shipping revised models with longer battery life. D'oh! The easiest solution is to return your Switch and purchase a newer SKU, but if a retailer is giving you grief, Nintendo may lend a helping hand.

Users on Reddit report being able to exchange a recently purchased Switch console based on the 'old' hardware with a new model, free of charge.

"Called to ask about the possibility of sending in my launch day Switch to get the battery upgraded (long shot of course) and they said they could only exchange for the new model if it was purchased after July 17th. They also told me it wasn't the battery that was upgraded, but rather the processor," DarthMewtwo wrote.

Other users claim to have heard the same thing from Nintendo. One user even recorded a phone conversation he had with a Nintendo customer support agent. Check it out...

The customer support representative was not aware of the policy when asked about it, but after looking into the situation, he confirmed it to be true. According to the rep, Switch owners have 14 days from the date of the call to get the console to Nintendo. Users are also responsible for shipping the Switch to Nintendo (and insurance). The actual replacement is free, though.

So, if you purchased a Switch after July 17 and it is the old model, we suggest first attempting a return/exchange with your local retailer, and failing that, hitting up Nintendo. The difference in battery life is fairly significant—Nintendo claims the latest revision of the Switch lasts up to 9 hours, versus 6.5 hours on the original model.

What If I Purchased An 'Old' Switch Before July 17?

Depending on how long you have owned your Switch console, you might still consider contacting Nintendo to see if it will make an exception. You probably will not get very far, though. The question then becomes, how badly do you want the benefit of longer battery life? Depending on your answer, you can trade in your old model to GameStop and upgrade to the newer SKU.

GameStop normally offers $200 in tradd-in credit for a Switch in working condition. However, the retailer is running a limited time promotion where it will tack on an additional $25, bringing the total to $225. If upgrading to a new model, that leaves a price difference of $75. The promotion is valid until September 15, 2019.

Where Can I Buy The Revised Switch?

If you do not yet own a Switch but are planning to buy one, look for a mostly red retail box with a TV on the right-hand side, in the background, The original (and now old) Switch models sport a mostly white retail box, with a TV on the left-hand side of the box. Have a look at both...

New Nintendo Switch
Retail packaging for the revised Nintendo Switch (mostly red background, TV on right side)

Old Nintendo Switch
Retail packaging for the old Nintendo Switch (mostly white background, TV on left side)

Here are links to where you can purchase the newly revised Switch online...
Happy shopping!