See How A DIYer Built A Nintendo Switch On The Cheap Using Spare Parts

switch parts diy

With the coronavirus lockdown in full effect all around the country, some items are very hard to find. Scare items include household cleaners, toilet paper, and apparently the Nintendo Switch. When one Switch fan was unable to find a console in stock that wasn't at a massively marked up price, rather than do without a console, he decided to build one from spare parts. We will admit right up front there are some mysteries about this build.

Namely, it's not clear how the builder identified every single part number needed to build a complete and working Nintendo Switch. The builder listed all of the parts that were purchased for the project, along with their prices. However, there are no part numbers offered for anyone who wants to do this themselves to re-create the project. The builder also offers no insight into where exactly the parts were purchased.

switch finished

What we do know is that the builder says it took about a month to secure all the parts with some coming from China. The build itself certainly required more than a little patience and some electronics tinkering skills.

One of the essential parts that aren't seen in the images, but is listed in the parts list was the OEM Nintendo Switch replacement logic board. This board reportedly has the software and security details required for the home-built Switch to work. In the end, the total for all the parts needed to construct the Switch was $199, which is $100 less than the standard Switch (and the same price as the Switch Lite). So this is one way to avoid price gouging by resellers trying to take advantage of the coronavirus outbreak.

Late last month, inventory of the Switch around the country plummeted, and prices begin to rise significantly.