Nintendo Switch Cleaning For COVID-19? Nintendo Says Don't Do It This Way

nintendo switch tv

The Nintendo Switch is a gaming system that is designed to be taken with you on-the-go, which means that it is likely to be used in areas that aren't exactly clean (which is even more of a concern now more than ever, due to the coronavirus pandemic). The catch is that while it's easy enough to wash your hands with soap and water or use alcohol-based hand sanitizers, it's not often as easy to sanitize your electronics. With this in mind, some people have been using alcohol-based cleaners on the Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo of Japan is now advising against such practices.

Nintendo says that cleaning the Switch with alcohol may cause the plastic parts to fade in color or deform. And for anyone thinking that they can use non-alcohol disinfectant sheets and wipes, Nintendo warns against that too. Nintendo says that depending on the ingredients in the sheets, they could also damage the plastic parts. So, what CAN you use to clean the Switch?

No Safe Way To Sanitize Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo says to simply wipe the console with a soft, dry cloth. Word of note: a dry cloth will obviously not kill any germs or any hint of the coronavirus that might wind up on your hands and then the console. The safest thing to do would be to leave the Switch at home (and #StayHome yourself) and be sure you wash your hands before you touch the console. However, we're sure that many people will simply take their chances and use disinfecting wipes on the console. It's possible that Nintendo's warnings are simply a preemptive way to avoid a rash of customer complaints that the Switch's case is fading or deforming, as we try to get past the rigors daily life, practicing good hygiene habits during COVID-19 pandemic. 

Gamers in the U.S. have been flocking to Nintendo Switch consoles during the coronavirus self-isolation, inventory has been tight, and prices have been soaring. With that being said, what are YOU using to clean your electronics during the COVID-19 pandemic?