Nintendo Switch Drops To $260, Its Lowest Price Ever With This Super Rare Deal

Nintendo Switch on a red background
Your deal game is strong is you can find a Nintendo Switch console at a discount, as sales the popular handheld gaming system are relatively few and far between. Now is one of those rare times, though. Even better, you can score the console for $40 below its list price, which brings it down to its lowest price since it launched five years ago.

The Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Red Joy-Con controllers is selling for $259.99 on Amazon ($40 off, save 13%) right now. That puts the price gulf between it and the Nintendo Switch OLED at $90. You can find a Geek Squad Certified Refurbished Nintendo Switch OLED for $324.99 at Best Buy, but that's still $65 more, and for a console that isn't new.

Despite its age, the Switch is still a capable gaming system that's a lot of fun to play. Part of the reason its because Nintendo never engaged in a specs war with Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo gambled on the handheld console's hybrid nature and its valuable IP (like Super Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong) to set it apart, and the gamble paid off.

That said, there have been some revisions since the original console release. Nintendo released a Lite model, and before the pricier OLED variant came out, Nintendo updated the original Switch with a power efficient Sharp IGZO display panel, which bumped up the rated battery life from 6.5 hours to 9 hours.

Save Big On Pokemon Games And Expanded Storage For The Nintendo Switch

The sale comes on the heels of some big discounts on several Pokemon games for the Switch. Sadly, the ones that were 50% off are no longer discounted quite as steep, but you can still save up to $20 on select titles...
Likewise, officially licensed microSD cards for the Switch are still on sale as well...
As we mentioned before, you don't necessarily need to pay for a licensed card. They look nice with themed graphics, but once you pop the card into your Switch, you won't see the graphics anyway. What you do need, however, is a card that is UHS-1 compatible with a transfer speed of 60-95 MB/s or higher.

You can find some decent values outside of the licensed cards. We still recommend sticking with name-brand memory cards rather than generic ones, but you can find discounts there as well. For example, Samsung's 512GB Evo Select is $64.99 at Amazon (save $20) and the Lexar's 256GB Play is $29.99 at Amazon (save $16), to give two examples.

The $40 discount on the Switch console means you can piece together your own bundle and come out ahead, be it a game, more storage, or other accessory like a Zelda themed carrying case ($19.99).