Huge Nintendo Switch 2 Leak Details Magnetic Joy-Cons And Display Upgrade

hero nintendo switch
With the launch of the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch 2 handheld gaming console looming, rumors and supposed leaks abound. The latest comes from a source that makes 3rd party Switch controllers.

In a post on Reddit, GamingLeaksAndRumors shared the latest leak, which seems to confirm an earlier rumor that proposed the Switch 2 will come with magnetic Joy-Con controllers, as well as pointing to other features that the Switch 2 may include. The source in question is an article posted by the Chinese company, Mobapad.

front of nintendo switch 2 joy cons

The leak suggests that the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 will support current and original Joy-Con/Pro controllers, which would mean the new device will have a way to connect the new magnetic controllers, as well as the soon to be second gen which slide on and lock into position. It would also mean that it won’t be necessary for those who have already invested in a Pro controller to have to upgrade. There also seems to be a new button on the backside of the Joy-Cons, and another new button on the front right-hand side.

back of nintendo 2 controller

Also mentioned is the second-generation device will be backwards compatible with first-generation game cartridges and digital versions, but not vice versa when it comes to cartridges. This should not come as a shock to anyone who has become accustomed to Nintendo’s ways of doing business. However, perhaps once the second-generation Switch finally launches, the first-generation games will see a discount.

nintendo 2 display info

It appears there will still be a USB-C port for connectivity on the Switch, while the dock looks to have more rounded corners. Also shown is a purported kickstand built into the back of the Switch 2, which would give gamers an easier way to prop up the device while not charging. An image detailing the display purports it will be a 7-inch OLED, while some outlets are saying it will be an 8-inch OLED.

While the new leak seems to be from a credible source, it is still possible Nintendo has other plans. Hopefully, all the rumors and leaks will be put to rest soon when Nintendo finally makes its official announcement.