Nintendo Sought Cyanogen OS Android Fork For Switch Console, But Was Rudely Rebuked

Somewhere in a parallel universe, Nintendo's hybrid Switch console is running a custom version of Cyanogen OS, the now discontinued open-source operating system that has been forked into LineageOS. In this parallel universe, the OS lives on as founder Steve Kondik and and former CEO Kirk McMaster laugh about how CyanogenOS almost failed before Nintendo saved the day. Unfortunately for everyone who was involved with CyanogenOS, in the universe we live in, McMaster told Nintendo to "stick it" when the company inquired about using the OS to power its then-upcoming Switch.

"In the early days of Cyanogen Nintendo wants us to create an OS for a certain portable. I told them to stick it." McMaster wrote in a now-deleted Twitter post.

Nintendo Switch

McMaster does not specifically mention the Switch (or NX, as it was known before Nintendo named the device), but the timing of the Twitter post strongly suggests that is what it was in reference to. He also did not go into detail about why he was so adamant against working with Nintendo, to the point where he would offer up such a rude response, or at least portray it as such on social media. One reason might be his frustration with Nintendo for refusing to build a device that could double as a phone. He hints at this in a recent tweet. Have a look:
It is certainly plausible, though we think it's more likely that McMaster shunned Nintendo because developing a custom version of Cyanogen OS for Nintendo would have to be locked down, which would be at odds with the company's open-source mantra. On hindsight, McMaster might wish he could take a mulligan, whether he wants to admit it or not.

Incidentally, he claims in yet another Twitter post that Nintendo considered going full-blown Android on the Switch, but settled on using bits of it instead.
Who knows where Cyanogen would be today had the company been willing to work with Nintendo. What we do know is that Cyanogen has disbanded, while Nintendo is selling millions of Switch consoles to an eager fan base. The Switch burst out of the gate and set a record for the most sales during the first two days of availability than any other Nintendo console to date, including the Wii. And at least one GameStop executive believes the Switch has a real shot at eclipsing the Wii, which as sold 100 million units to date.