Nintendo SNES Classic Edition Available In All Best Buy Stores Tomorrow, Bring A Tent

Nintendo's highly anticipated SNES Classic Edition is will finally be available starting tomorrow. For those that preordered the retro gaming console, we hope that you'll receive your package on your doorstep over the next week or so. For those that didn’t preorder, one of the best chances of getting one right away is by heading down to your local Best Buy store.

Best Buy informed customers today that it will have "limited quantities" of the consoles available at ALL of its brick and mortar locations tomorrow morning. We don't know what exactly constitutes "limited", but we wouldn't expect that there would be more than a dozen to two dozen available to purchase at each store.

snes classic 1

The electronics retailer says that the consoles will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis and that tickets for the SNES Classic Edition will be distributed starting at 7am. However, if you want to guarantee your chance at getting a console, you're likely going to have to pitch a tent and camp out overnight to get ahead of everyone else that will want to get their hands on one.

Once you have your ticket in hand, you should be free to leave the premises and come back at a later time in the day to retrieve your "reserved" SNES Classic Edition -- that's if you don't want to wait another three hours for the store's 10am opening time.

The SNES Classic Edition is priced at $79.99 and includes two wired controllers (5ft in length). It comes preloaded with 21 classic SNES games and will connect to your big screen television with an HDMI cable.

To read up more on the Nintendo SNES Classic Edition, be sure to check out our handy guide. To find a Best Buy store closest to you, hit up this link. If you want to try your chances with Toys R Us, which recently filed for bankruptcy, the retailer should also have inventory in-store tomorrow.