Nintendo Rumored To Be Working With NVIDIA For Next Gen Console

Nintendo's been remarkably tight lipped about its next generation NX game console, speaking up about it on occasion only to remind people it is in fact coming, and to throw cold water on rumors. Otherwise it's been almost all speculation up to this point, save for some supposedly inside information saying it will run on NVIDIA hardware.

Short and to the point, Nintendo insider Emily Rogers (Arcade Girl) told NeoGAF's NateDrake, "NVIDIA is involved with Nintendo's future hardware." She didn't say to what extent, but the easy assumption is that NVIDIA will power the NX's graphics, which could be a big win for the company if it turns out to be a popular console.


"Had a lengthy chat with Emily today, and she shared some information with me on all the rumor talk going on recently. Those thinking she is making stuff up for attention or that is she holding a carrot in front of you for laughs are wrong. Her sources are legit, and the claims are backed by several sources," NateDrake said. "She is sharing the information she has and is clearing the air of misinformation. It isn't being shared for attention."

NVIDIA's rumored involvement isn't the first bit of information about the NX Emily Rogers has leaked to the public. Last week she said the NX won't be based on x86 architecture, and that its raw performance will be closer to that to that of an Xbox One console than a PlayStation 4. And on the software side, she said to expect more titles during the NX's first year than there were for the Wii U during the past four years.

Whatever ends up being the case, Nintendo is crossing its fingers that consumers react positively to it, like they did the original Wii. Sales of the Wii have topped 100 million to date, versus less than 13 million Wii U consoles since its 2012 debut.

Barring any changes, Nintendo is planning to launch its NX console in March of next year.