Nintendo Reportedly Working on an Android Tablet for Education

It looks as though Nintendo is interested in getting into the tablet game, though what the company has in mind isn't a gaming tablet. Instead, Nintendo has gone and built a slate intended for schools. The unreleased tablet runs Android and is designed for play educational games rather than saving Princess Peach from yet another castle, unless perhaps math problems are involved, in which case such a scenario would be theoretically possible.

Nintendo of America software engineer Nando Monterazo blitzed Twitter with a series of tweets talking about the tablet, revealing that the device in hand is running a fully modified version of Android.


"It is a tablet with educational games for children with Nintendo characters," Monterazo specified in one of his many Twitter posts on the subject.

If you're hoping Nintendo will port older NES, SNES, and Game Boy titles to its new tablet, don't hold your breath. Monterazo didn't even leave the door open to such a scenario, saying in no uncertain terms that the tablet "will not have these games," only educational titles, as it's "primarily focused for schools."

Unfortunately, Monterazo didn't spill any details about the specific hardware inside or offer up any kind of launch date.