Nintendo Patent Filing Shows Sleep Monitor With Vital Sign Health Status Ceiling Projector

A couple of interesting patents owned by Nintendo were published last week, and while it wouldn't have been surprising to see the details relate to the company's upcoming NX console, it actually has to do with something completely different, and unexpected.

According to a post at NeoGAF that dissects the multiple patents, Nintendo is working on a quality-of-life device that sits next to someone's bed, constantly analyzing different variables. It almost looks like a different take on something like Fitbit; Nintendo wants to provide information to the user that will help them get a better night's sleep, and be healthier in general.

What makes the product really interesting is the fact that it has a built-in projector, as seen in the sketch below:

Nintendo QOL Projector Patent

That projector would beam images like the following to the ceiling. Based on certain variables, such as room temperature and pulse, an overall score of sorts would be calculated.

Nintendo QOL Projector Patent Example

I'd imagine that if a room is too warm, the score would be lower, but if it's comfortable, and the person's pulse/breathing is normal, then a great score would be shown. Why exactly something like that, which is easy to figure out (anyone should know if it's too warm or not!), would need to be beamed to a ceiling, is hard to say. The device could take a look at some variables we're not expecting, though, and it could cater to those who are too busy to stand there and analyze every little thing, if they are QOL conscious.

What I do know for certain is that this is a very interesting product from a company like Nintendo, and I can't help but feel like it'd have the ability to tie-in to future Nintendo software.