Gamers Win As Nintendo Caves To FTC Demands On Its Warranty Repair Policy

It didn't take long for Nintendo to bow down to pressure from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) with regards to its warranty practices. Back in April, we reported that the FTC has deemed "Warranty Voice if Removed" stickers to be illegal and said that it had warned six companies about anti-consumer warranty policies.

We later found out that those six companies were Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, ASUS, HTC and Hyundai. Nintendo is one of the first to step to the plate and publicly state that it will end the practice going forward with its gaming hardware. 

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Nintendo says that it has added new language regarding its warranty policy that now adheres with the FTC's new guidelines. “We have updated our warranty text to clarify that Nintendo provides warranty service for defects not caused by the user or by other unauthorized acts," said Nintendo in a statement to Forbes.

The troublesome wording in warranty policies for the aforementioned companies would deny warranties if an Xbox One console or accessory was repaired by a third-party (in the case of Microsoft) or if genuine parts weren't used in repairs or routine maintenance like oil changes (in the case of Hyundai). 

The action from Nintendo was expected, as are responses from the other five companies, because in the end, they really don't have a choice but to comply. All of the companies were all given 30 days to comply with the new guidelines or face law enforcement action and potential fines for further violations.

Needless to say, we should be hearing from the other companies shortly on how they plan to remedy their warranty policies to adhere to the FTC's new mandate.