Nintendo DS Preview, Spire VertiCool, and more!

Sorry for the long time between updating folks, but the news feed has been a bit slow this weekend. Fortunately we have enough for a post this afternoon, so get some coffee and get ready to read...

8COM BH220 Bluetooth Phone Headset Review @ Mikhailtech

"Measuring 120mm x 30mm x 20mm and weighing in at only 14 grams, the BH220 is smaller and lighter than most car door remotes. After wearing it for a while you forget it's even there. There are three buttons on the front, the biggest one being the function key, with a pair of volume keys below. Each button has several functions. You'll notice a clear casing between the lower buttons; this is where two LEDs (red and blue) reside. The tiny hole at the bottom is the microphone. It does a surprisingly good job of picking up close range audio."

Asante FR1104-G Wireless Router reviewed @

"At first glance most wireless router seem to be about the same, that is until you have a chance to look at how many different setting there are available to configure. If you were basing the quality of a product on the shear number of options the Asante FR1104-G would outclass most other wireless router hands down. With over 20 screens from which to configure your wireless network you are insured the maximum security when teamed with a good firewall package. Thankfully the massive number of options does not make for a complicated setup procedure either, with the built in network wizard the total time to setup the system takes less than 3 minutes."

Nintendo DS Preview @ Bytesector

"The handheld device found in people's hands will be slightly bigger and will have not one, but two screens. This is the Nintendo DS, something that will undoubtedly be on every kid's Christmas wish list and also in high demand among the more mature gamers. With so many improvements over the GBA, which was already quite the cool little console, the Nintendo DS looks to be a solid holiday hit..."

1GB Mushkin PC3200 222 LII V2 Dual Pack Memory Modules Review @ Rojakpot

"When the famous Winbond BH-5 chips were sold out, there was little hope for a worthy replacement because most memory manufacturers were moving on to DDR2. Until Samsung turned up with their superb TCCD chips, that is! Today, we are going to take a close look at the 1GB Mushkin PC3200 222 LII V2 Dual Pack memory modules! Based on the famous Samsung TCCD memory chips, these modules have the distinction of being the only modules to officially support a voltage of only 2.5V! Let's see what else is different!"

Spire VertiCool @ Phoronix

"Utilizing dual copper heat pipes and a vertical tower design the VertiCool is ready to push your AMD Athlon XP to its limits. The VertiCool is constructed with a combination of a copper base and horizontal aluminum fins to provide excellent thermal performance and weigh only 333 grams."