Nintendo DS Lite Review

While we mostly like to focus around computer related news, Nintendo's handheld DS system is a popular little device I'm sure many of you are fond of. Nintendo has recently released a redesigned version of the DS, dubbed the DS Lite, which retails for around $130. While there's nothing that would make current DS owners want to guy out and buy the Lite version, it'll probably be the hot unit for those looking into getting a DS.

"rom tangible weight and size reductions to a new button layout, sharper visual performance and repositioned stylus holder, it's a welcome addition to the Japanese giant's celebrated family of portable consoles. So if you haven't gotten hip to the dual-screened diversion's charms - i.e. touch-sensitive titles experienced through top- and bottom-mounted visual displays using a stylus or d-pad- and button-based front-end - now's the perfect chance."