Microsoft Lures Twitch's Biggest Fortnite Streamer To Struggling Mixer Platform

Microsoft appears ready to heavily push its streaming platform Mixer and to invest some big money into the platform in the process. The big coup that Microsoft has pulled off is luring away Twitch's biggest star, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins. Ninja announced his big move on Twitter last week stating that he would be switching live streams exclusively to Mixer.

ninja confetti

Ninja boasted 15 million followers on Twitch, which was more than double the number of people that the next closer streamer on Twitch amassed. Blevins at one point had 100,000 paying subscribers to his Twitch streams and raked in millions of dollars per year on the platform.

Landing Ninja as an exclusive streamer on the platform is a big deal for Microsoft's Mixer platform, which has struggled to compete against Amazon-owned Twitch. Many believe that the move will finally bring the millions of viewers to the platform that Mixer has sought since it began.

Reports indicate that with the move only happening late last week, many of Ninja's followers on Twitch have yet to make the move to Mixer. While Ninja enjoyed 15 million Twitch followers, as of August 4th, he had only 40,000 subscribers on Mixer. The number of subscribers he boasts to his streams will undoubtedly grow, and as more of his fans on Twitch realize he is no longer there, they will likely subscribe on Mixer.

One big question about Ninja's deal with Microsoft is what did the software giant have to pay to lure him exclusively to Mixer? Ninja once stated that he made $500,000 monthly streaming Fortite on Twitch, so the money had to be good to get him to leave a platform that had been so lucrative. EA once paid Ninja $1 million to stream Apex Legends.