Nine Inch Nails Uploads Album to Torrent Sites

Nine Inch Nails has released its new album, Ghosts I-IV, online and in a somewhat Radiohead-eque way. You'll recall Radiohead released its In Rainbows album with "you" naming the price. Nine Inch Nails doesn't go quite that far, but it's still the sort of experimentation more bands should be trying with digital distribution becoming more popular.

Nine Inch Nails has just released the first volume of their new album “Ghosts” on BitTorrent sites as a free download. The band encourages its fans to share the album with friends, post it on websites and play it on podcasts.

In the release notes the band writes: “Now that we’re no longer constrained by a record label, we’ve decided to personally upload Ghosts I, the first of the four volumes, to various torrent sites, because we believe BitTorrent is a revolutionary digital distribution method, and we believe in finding ways to utilize new technologies instead of fighting them.”

The band readily admits keeping volumes 2 - 4 off BitTorrent sites will be tough, as they say in the Torrent release notes: "Undoubtedly you'll be able to find the complete collection on the same torrent network you found this file."  But encourage, don't discourage the band.  This is the sort of thing we want more, not less, bands trying.

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