Nightmare Inducing Super Mario 64 Mod Drops You Into First-Person View

Ask a bunch of gamers to make a list of the most enduring video games on all time, and most lists would have Super Mario 64 on it. Many have been playing this game for years and there is a certain familiarity with the 3rd person viewpoint. An enterprising geek with time on his hands named Kaze Emanuar has taken that familiar game and turned it into a first-person title.

first person mario

The result is a bit terrifying and completely changes the dynamic of the game. Looking through Mario’s eyes makes the game much creepier. The mod is called “First Person Mario 64” and features a camera view that puts you at Mario’s eye level, allowing you to look Bowser right in the eyes.

Emanuar is a bit of a savant when it comes to doing unexpected things with Super Mario 64. In the past, he added portal guns and online play. That led to Nintendo filing a copyright claim against him and having the mod removed.

Emanuar said, “This hack tries to follow Mario’s head’s movement as closely as possible. With how elaborate Mario’s animations are, this results in a challenging romhack.”

Despite the first-person view, you can still do all the same tricks the game is known for. You get to flip, slide, wall jump, and all other things only in first person perspective. Fighting Bowser is especially challenging as you spin around. If you get sick easily, you might not want to tinker with this mod.

The mod apparently takes the complex camera system the game already offered and shoves it all inside Mario’s skull. The result is very cool, so check out the video and try and keep your lunch down. Nintendo's Creators Progam no longer allows live streaming, so the video is the best you get aside from downloading the game yourself.