NieR: Automata Cheat Discovered After Nearly 4 Years Allows Players To Skip To The End Of The Game

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Cheat codes seem to be a dying breed in today's games. Back in the day, you needed to find a friend who knew cheat codes off the top of their head or find a gaming magazine or book that listed all the cheats. Now, people can scrub through millions of lines of code looking for little backdoors and cheats that the developers left. Once such cheat code searcher, Lance McDonald, has found the final cheat left in NieR: Automata, which has been confirmed by the game's developers.

Yesterday, Lance McDonald tweeted out that he had found a cheat code in NieR: Automata, which allowed the player to skip to the last ending immediately after killing the first boss. He claimed that finding the cheat code took “hundreds of hours of reverse engineering,” which stands to reason, as the game's creator stated two years ago that there was one last secret remaining no one had yet found. Since then, it seems Lance has been working to find the secret which had been hinted at.
If you want to follow the cheat code for yourself, you must be in a particular spot and point in the story to enter a button combination on the PS4 controller. McDonald has made a video explaining the cheat and what happens afterward. As a brief warning, there may be spoilers if you have not played the game yet.

After McDonald’s discovery blew up, the Japanese PR Twitter account for NeiR: Automata tweeted that the last secret had been found, confirming McDonald’s work. The translated text reads: It seems that the last secret has been discovered. Since it includes spoilers, please be careful about SNS etc. if you have not played.

Ultimately, for players who want to tinker around with NeiR: Automata, this is an awesome cheat hardcoded into the game. It is also nice to still see cheat codes in games, as they are something of a bygone era.