Nielsen Report: Two-Thirds Of U.S. Buyers Opting For Smartphones, Android In Charge

Wondering if smartphones are just another fad, like 3D? Wonder no more. Nielsen's latest research shows that nearly two-thirds of new mobile buyers are selecting smartphones over "dumbed" alternatives, despite lofty data prices and those nasty tiers. During Q2 2012 smartphone penetration continued to grow, with nearly 55% of U.S. mobile buyers owning smartphones as of June 2012. The growth here is unmistakable: it's coming from those selecting smartphones.

As for the OS split? Android's still leading the pack in the U.S., with 51.8% of those studied using Google's mobile operating system. Next was iOS (iPhone), with 34.3%. RIM's troubles are seen quite clearly with the 8.1% share of BlackBerry phones. According to the report: "Overall among smartphone owners, Apple had the highest manufacturer share of smartphone handsets. Among recent acquirers who obtained their smartphone during June 2012, 54 percent said they chose an Android handset and 36 percent bought an iPhone."

What's interesting about these numbers, is that even though Android has over half of the market, the iPhone has a crazy high percentage given just how few iPhones have been produced. There are hundreds upon hundreds of Android options competing with the iPhone; it's as clear as ever that it's a two-horse race, with RIM and Microsoft scrapping for third.