nForce 6-Series for Intel Platform

DailyTech reports that NVIDIA is preparing to phase out the current nForce 5 series of chipsets to make way for the "new" nForce 6 products. Despite the new name, this new series of chipsets is supposedly a more refined version of the nForce 5 series it replaces. Dubbed the nForce 650i SLI and nForce 680i SLI, the chipsets will support Intel's Core 2 architecture and replace the nForce 570 and 590 SLI Intel Edition chipsets. Perhaps the most critical improvement made is a solution to the nForce 590 SLI Intel Edition's FSB scaling issues thanks to an updated memory controller. Unfortunately, no strict release date is provided though you can be sure the folks at NVIDIA are doing everything they can to get this out the door as soon as possible.

Other supported features of the nForce 650i SLI and 680i SLI include 3.0Gbps SATA, Gigabit Ethernet, ATA-133, USB 2.0, high definition audio and support for five PCI slots are supported by both chipsets. While the nForce 650i SLI and 680i SLI are new model numbers, the chipsets are essentially identical to the nForce 570 SLI and 590 SLI Intel Editions which was only adopted by OEM system manufacturers and ASUS.