nForce 680i Troubles?

[H] has posted an alert outlining some possible issues with NVIDIA's flagship nForce 680i SLI chipset.  They site reports from around the web and explain some of the issues they've experienced in their own lab.

"Some of the nForce 680i motherboards have some serious storage issues that can render a system build useless. Not all nForce 680i boards exhibit this problem. The problem does not seem to be confined to certain system configurations as some motherboards will work with a specific configuration while others will not. The problem also seems to spread across all 680i motherboards regardless of brand judging from feedback across Internet forums."

We've worked with a handful of 680i boards from Asus and EVGA (NVIDIA) ourselves and haven't experienced any major issues.  Hopefully nothing turns out to be wrong with the hardware and a driver or BIOS update solved everything.

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