NFL To Launch 9-Part Virtual Reality Series For YouTube And DayDream View

It's the dream of many youngsters to grow and be involved in the NFL, whether it's to be a player or a member of the team staff. But for obvious reasons, an elite few actually get to fulfill that dream. Fortunately, the future is looking great for allowing the rest of us to get a mere taste of what it's like to be in the NFL, with virtual reality set to become the next-best-thing to actually being in the NFL.

Last December, we wrote about Google working with the NFL to produce a VR look at the New England Patriots, and for fans of the team, it proved to be a real treat.

Tom Brady VR Google Cardboard

Now, the NFL has announced that the VR love isn't about to stop, with NFL Films set to produce a nine-part series that will help bring fans "the next-generation of NFL storytelling". Anyone who's ever watched a production by NFL Films can probably agree that the company has a very high standard of quality, so to picture that level of story-telling in VR is downright exciting.

The first episode of this new series is going to be made available on YouTube on Thanksgiving (November 24), and later this year, episodes will be made available for the NFL VR app designed for Google's Daydream platform. This move marks the first time ever that there's been a series in sports recorded entirely for VR.

So if you're an NFL fan that's been ignoring VR all this time, you will soon have a very hard time ignoring it for much longer. There's no word at this point whether the entire series will require a fee to view, or whether it will be free with advertising to help fund it. Time to begin that waiting game!