Google Nexus 6P Class Action Settlement Now Open For Up To $400 In Cold Cash Claims

Some owners of the Google Nexus 6P smartphone had serious issues with the device that led to a class action lawsuit being filed against Google and Huawei, the maker of the smartphone. The law firm that handled the class action lawsuit has announced that impacted owners of the Nexus 6P can now file their claims and has a website standing by to process those claims.

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The claim website gives owners of the Nexus 6P the ability to file an online claim through September 3, 2019. To get reimbursed in the settlement, users have to submit documentation that proves they purchased a Nexus 6P smartphone between September 29, 2015, and May 3, 2019. Users also have to choose one of three filing options and how they want to receive any claim money.

The filing options will determine how much compensation the users are eligible for. Options include:

  • No bootloop or battery drain, or undocumented bootloop or battery drain
  • Documented battery drain and/or bootloop
  • Documented repeated bootloop or battery drain

Payouts vary depending on the issue the user's Nexus 6P suffered from. Those who have documentation that they experienced a bootloop issue will receive up to $325. Users who experienced battery drain and have documentation can receive up to $150. Users who had these issues on multiple Nexus 6P smartphone and have accompanying documentation can get up to $400.

Those who had these issues, but have no documentation can get at least $10, but not more than $75 from the settlement. Money left over in the $9.75 million settlement will be used to reimburse those who paid insurance claims relating to the issues. We first heard that the settlement was in the process of getting approved by the court in April.

The case alleged that some Nexus 6P devices would get stuck in a bootloop and never make it into the OS. Others claimed that the devices would shut down with as much as 10% to 60% battery life still showing. Owners of these devices can file a claim here.