Google And Huawei To Pay Nexus 6P Owners Up To $400 In Bootloop Class Action Settlement

Nexus 6P
Some Nexus 6P owners might be in for a hefty payday. That's because Google and Huawei have agreed to settle a class action lawsuit that would pay Nexus 6P device owners up to $400, should the settlement be approved by a court. The total amount of the settlement is $9.75 million, paid out in cash (as opposed to a rebate on a future purchase).

"All Nexus 6P purchasers within the United States are eligible to participate. Class members can claim a share of the settlement fund by filing online or by mail," a court document related to the settlement agreement reads.

The class action lawsuit dates back to 2017, when consumers complained of two annoying issues. The first alleges that a battery issue would cause the Nexus 6P to power down when the battery gauge still showed anywhere from 10-60 percent of battery life remaining.

Other Nexus 6P owners complained that their handsets would get suck in a boot loop, where the phone continually restarted without ever fully booting into Android. According to the original suit, this would happen until the battery ran dry, and even wiping the phone's memory and reflashing Android provided no recourse.

The settlement agreement calls for Google and Huawei to provide the largest compensation to users who allegedly experienced a battery drain or bootloop issue, and "more modest recovery to the significant group of consumers who own a Nexus 6P but have already been made whole through warranty replacements or never experienced either alleged condition an in many cases no longer use the phone."

The previously compensation referenced in the settlement agreement saw some affected Nexus 6P owners upgraded to a Pixel XL as a warranty replacement. It appears that those users may still participate in the class action suit, but would receive less compensation.