Nextlink Bluespoon AX, ABIT RX600 Pro-Guru, and more!

Good evening everyone :) The New England Patriots have beaten the Philadelphia Eagles 24-21. Like most people, I'd have to say I was extremely impressed with the way Terrell Owens played. I expected him out by the end of the first half. The euphoric feeling that a home team victory gives you is starting to wear off now, so I'll unload some more tech news. Included in the post tonight, is a review for ABIT's RX600 Pro-Guru, the TriGem KLOSS KL-I915A SFF PC, and a few other items. Well folks, read on and enjoy!

ABIT RX600 Pro-Guru @ Viper Lair

"If you are looking to build a HTPC on the PCIe format, look no further, the RX600 is easy to use and gives a picture you would be proud of. I only ask that ABIT either get rid of the silly Turbo jumper or change the color of the LED (I am soldering on a Blue one as we speak)..."

Nextlink Bluespoon AX - World's Smallest & Lightest Bluetooth Headset @ ExtremeMHz

"Today, I have the pleasure of looking at the new Bluespoon AX from Nextlink. Considered to be the smallest & lightest headset in the world, this particular model has gained quite a bit of interest among many mobile/smartphone fanatics."

Asetek Waterchill Antarctica Water Cooling System Review @

"Seeing that this is the first of many water cooling product reviews to be posted on, you might as well come in with a bang or in this case, a strong gurgle. Asetek have been in the water cooling market for quite some time and it definitely shows. Along with the outstanding quality and workmanship, detail, and efficiency, my first voyage into Asetek water cooling has resulted in a very positive experience.."

TriGem KLOSS KL-I915A @

"It's not as cheap as Shuttle's SB77G5 XPC but for the extra £50 it'll take to snag a KLOSS, you get more than £50 worth of extra value in this reviewer's opinion. An innovative take on SFF chassis partitioning and the cooler for the processor are the final big highlights on a well presented and desirable mini barebones computer system."

AOpen Silent Power AO400-12AHN Power Supply Review @ PCStats

"Additional features and frills such as pretty lights, UV reflective coating, fan controllers, etc. are nice, but beside the point. With this in mind, let's take a look at the latest PSU to cross our bench, the AOpen Silent Power AO400-12AHN. This 400Watt unit comes armed with a bristling array of cables as well as a rear mounted knob which controls the speed of the LED-lighted 120mm fan mounted on the bottom of the PSU."

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