'Next' iPhone Hits AP Field Test Mode

BGR has heard from one of its sources, and the news involves the iPhone3,2 device we've seen wandering around recent firmware. According to BGR's source, that device has reached the “AP” or last stage before retail release (which is one stage past the iPhone 4 hofbrau leak). Strangely, BGR reports that the new phone also has a SIM card slot.

Now, since we've also seen references to iPhone3,3, perhaps the iPhone3,2 is simply a refresh for the iPhone 4, with a "real fix" for the "death grip" issue. Of course, that would seem unlikely, as changing the version numbers for a small refresh isn't something Apple would tend to do.  After all, when they "fixed" the iPhone 3GS bootrom to prevent jailbreaking, they didn't change the version string.  

If that were to be the case, however, then perhaps the iPhone3,3 could be the CDMA (or Verizon) iPhone we are expecting the begin manufacture in December.

Alternatively, BGR posits, the GSM card could be because this is a World phone, which we were expecting for next summer's refresh of the iPhone. Speaking of the iPhone 5, BGR's source said that version of the iPhone has hit the EVT stage, which would be the stage before last spring's iPhone 4 leak.
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