Next Generation iPad and iPhone Devices May Feature Intel Inside

The strained relationship between Apple and Samsung could result in the Cupertino outfit turning to Intel to supply chips for future mobile devices. It would be an interesting partnership, if not a little odd considering there are rumors that Apple is may ditch Intel for ARM for its next generation Mac devices.

It also makes sense. Apple has been looking to sever ties with Samsung ever since winning a $1 billion judgement against the company over patent violations. Perhaps seeing the writing on the wall, Samsung recently hiked the price of mobile processors it sells to Apple by 20 percent (though Samsung claims the price hike was scheduled).

iPad Intel

All this back and forth bickering has Apple considering a relationship with Intel. Specifically, RBC Capital Markets analyst Doug Freedman says Apple would like to tap into Intel to build the company's ARM-based mobile processors (like the A6), and in return, Apple will use x86 processors in certain devices, including the next iPad, CNet reports.

That's right, Apple is apparently considering the idea of using different processors for its mobile devices, based on two completely different architectures. It seems quirky to go that route, but it would solve any capacity issues that might arise if Apple were to go with TSMC instead.