Next Gen Apple TV To Gain Thicker, Touch Pad-Packin' Remote

Here’s something you don’t see too often: Apple is redesigning one of its devices to be bigger. The same company that is famously obsessed with slimming down its smartphones, tablets and laptops is planning an update to the Apple TV remote that will make it slightly thicker and add a touchpad.

Apple’s new remote, which hasn’t been confirmed by company, isn’t expected to add much in the way of complexity. The remote will have two buttons (instead of the three it has now) and a touchpad. You’ll use the touchpad for navigating the Apple TV’s interface, likely by swiping. So, although the updated remote will have updated technology and slightly bigger body, it should still be one of the cleanest remotes on your coffee table.

Apple TV will be getting a new remote with a touchpad when it arrives this summer.

Pictures of the remote aren’t available yet, but we can’t imagine that the device is anything but clean. Apple actually uses the Apple TV remote as an example of its minimalist design principals when training employees at Apple University. Compared to button-heavy remotes from Google and others, the Apple TV remote is in a different world.

The updated Apple TV itself should arrive this summer, possibly in June. As we mentioned last month, the device is going to have plenty of new features, though not necessarily 4K support. Apple TV is one of the few devices out there that support HBO Now, thanks to a temporary agreement Apple has with HBO.