Next Angry Birds Release To Get Medieval On You

Now that Flappy Bird has flown the coop, Rovio thought it was high time the casual gaming crowd had a new Angry Birds title to play with, but the question isn't, "Where will it take place," but "When?" The answer is medieval times, or so it appears from a new teaser trailer Rovio put up on YouTube. Rovio's trailer lasts all of 29 seconds as the camera rises from toe to head on a set of knight's armor.

Inside the helmet sits the Red Bird looking angrier than ever, perhaps because he's been thrust into a time period when chamber pots filled with human waste were dumped right into the streets. Luckily, it doesn't appear that will be part of the game play.

So, what will the game play be like? It's hard to tell from the short teaser, though you can hear a tremendous amount of sword fighting in the background amid an epic soundtrack. There's quite a bit Rovio could do with a medieval theme, and while we've heard guesses that it could tie with HBO's popular Game of Thrones somehow, we would expect a bigger hint if that was the case. After all, Rovio wasn't shy about letting the world know it had teamed up with LucasFilm for Angry Birds Star Wars.

Nevertheless, the new game is coming, starting in Australia and Canada with other countries to follow.