Nexsan Ships Enterprise-Class Storage Boxes With 3TB Drives

And you thought the consumer storage business was booming. As corporate companies look for new edges to advance their response times and reliability, enterprise storage vendors are cranking out new gear to serve those wishes. Nexsan certainly isn't a name you hear shot out with WD and Seagate, but on the enterprise side, they're making big strides. The company has just released a new mid-market option with their 3TB SATA drives for the Nexsan E-Series suite of storage products.

They're designed specifically to work with the 4U Nexsan E60 system, but they'll also slip into the E18 and E60X. The Nexsan E-Series storage systems are available immediately. Pricing for the E60 with 3TB SATA drives and a single controller starts at under $80K MSRP, so it's safe to say those who aren't rolling in the dough won't be applying.

Nexsan First to Ship Enterprise-Class Storage Systems with 3TB SATA Drives

NewswireToday - /newswire/ - Woodland Hills, CA, United States, 04/29/2011 - Nexsan®, a leading provider of storage systems for the mid-market, today announced the availability of enterprise-class 3TB SATA drives for its Nexsan E-Series™ suite of storage systems -

Purpose-built and priced for the mid-market, E-Series storage systems are based on Nexsan’s Flexible Storage Platform™ to deliver enterprise-class performance and reliability with industry-leading storage density and power efficiency.

Nexsan began delivering 3TB SATA drives with its 4U Nexsan E60 storage system for selected customers this quarter. With this announcement, enterprise-class 3TB SATA drives are now generally available in all Nexsan E-Series storage systems, including the E18 and E60X, for delivery through all Nexsan channel partners.

The Nexsan E-Series features an expandable, high density and high performance platform so that mid-market companies have the enterprise-class storage management features they need today, with the scalability to extend their solution for tomorrow. All Nexsan E-Series storage systems feature robust centralized storage management software for simplified deployment, management and support and offer a complete range of enterprise-class features including high density, high reliability, low power operation and small space consumption. The Nexsan E-Series also delivers an easy and quick out of the box experience by integrating reliable Nexsan storage hardware and E-Series intelligence.

According to George Crump, Principal Analyst for Storage Switzerland,“This level of storage density and energy savings is impressive and sets the bar for other storage system vendors. As the first to bring these innovations in density and power management to market it speaks well of Nexsan’s engineering team and the company’s ability to execute.”

“For the mid-market customer, energy efficient high density storage is a critical requirement, on par with high performance and reliability,” said Victoria Grey, SVP Marketing, Nexsan. “Along with our vision to deliver a dynamic, flexible platform, Nexsan is also committed to leading industry innovation in the area of density and power management so that customers can get more from their storage environment both today and tomorrow.”