News from DFI, MSI Mobos and a Gigabyte X800XT

Hey there folks, JeffB stopping in for a little news update. Actually, there is some big news coming from the team at DFI this AM.  Check out the full release below regarding interesting new Pentium-M boards that boast some serious performance.  After that, we have several MSI motherboard reviews on tap as well as a sweet X800XT video card from Gigabyte.  What are you waiting for, get reading!

DFI(R) Brings Dothan to Performance Desktop Computing
The new Pentium M based 855GME-MGF "green motherboard" aims at energy-conscious enthusiasts who demand the best cool and quiet platform for overclocking or underclocking

Hayward, CA (November 4, 2004) – DFI, maker of the award-winning LANParty and record-scoring LANPartyUT series of motherboards, today launched industry's most enthusiasts-oriented desktop Pentium M motherboard, 855GME-MGF. Based on the Intel mobile 855GME/6300 ESB chipset and supports socket 479 Pentium M processors, this motherboard merges cutting edge mobile technology and performance potentials onto an environmentally friendly platform. Its low heat generation, virtually fan less operation and performance-oriented design makes the new 855GME-MGF the perfect solution for small home servers, silent home theater PCs, or blazing fast gaming systems.

Designed with versatility in mind, the 855GME-MGF is based on the standard micro ATX form factor and features support for low latency DDR333 memory and AGP 4X. Similar to the CPU socket used in notebooks, the motherboard features a low profile CPU socket that fully supports socket 479 Pentium M and Celeron M processors with 0.09 µm Dothan or 0.13 µm Banias core. Migrating the mobile chipset and CPU platform to the desktop means DFI users can now truly enjoy green computing without the expense of performance degradation. From lowered energy consumption, low heat generation, low noise generation to a possible fan-less system design, the 855GME-MGF motherboard promises more than any current desktop can deliver.

In addition to the green features of this motherboard, DFI's 855GME-MGF also brings performance desktop computing to a new height. "In general application performance, a 2GHz Pentium M actually outperformed the desktop chips and even in gaming and workstation applications the Pentium M was competitive, all while running at significantly lower temperatures with much lower power requirements." said Anand Lal Shimpi, Editor-in-Chief of Anandtech.

To equip overclockers with the best platform to work with, DFI's new Pentium M desktop motherboard boasts a robust BIOS that is packed with optimization options at the widest ranges. Advanced BIOS features include adjustable CPU clock (100 to 250 MHz), adjustable CPU ratio (6 to infinite), adjustable FSB to memory ratio (1:1, 4:3, 5:3), asynchronized PCI/AGP modes (33/66, 36/73, 40/80), and built in stability testing for both memory and CPU. In intensive gaming, DFI's new 855GME-MGF with an overclocked 2.8 GHz Pentium M processor flies past competing platforms with ease. Compared to the performance of Athlon64 4000+ and Pentium 4 3.4 GHz Extreme Edition in Doom3, DFI's new solution tops the chart with a large margin lead

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MSI 915P Neo2 Platinum Motherboard Review @ PCStats:

"In this article, PCstats will be reviewing MSI Computer's brand new 915P Neo2 Platinum motherboard which is built with the performance user in mind! This full-size ATX motherboard includes a comprehensive feature set, from IEEE 1394 (for your high speed external multimedia devices like HDDs, scanners, MP3 players, etc), to an additional IDE RAID controller, Gigabit PCI Express ethernet controller, and Intel's Azalia onboard 7.1-channel audio."

MSI K8N Neo & Neo2 Platinum (s745 & s939) Nforce3 250 Motherboards @ The Crucible:

"MSI has delivered two excellent products in the K8N Neo and Neo2 Platinum. Both provide a ton of options, good overclocking and very nice performance all at a fairly reasonable price. If you are looking to upgrade to a new Athlon64 system, and want one of the fastest boards available take a good look at MSI's K8N Neo Platinum and K8N Neo2 Platinum motherboards."

Gigabyte Radeon X800 XT Graphics Card at the GamePC Labs:

"This card is only one of many standard Radeon X800 XT cards which are finally hitting the market, filling the void between ATI's Radeon X800 Pro and their impossible to find X800 XT Platinum Edition cards. We check out the card's bundle, overclockability, and run some performance numbers against other competing high-end AGP 8x-based graphics cards for gaming."

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